The Amazons Arena Presents

"My Amazon Lover"

Featuring Laura and Stevie Lee

Amazon Laura is ALL WOMAN and in this 50 minute video we FEATURE the 6' 6" (in heels) Laura and her 5' 6" lover, Stevie Lee. Tiny Stevie Lee is dressed in a cute little silky half-slip and bra and Laura, her Powerful Amazon Lover, towers over her dressed in her Skimpy Dominate Leather outfit.

Tiny Stevie Lee is seen in their bedroom dressing her Powerful 6' 6" lover.

Amazon Laura shows just how strong she really is by lifting her tiny lover. Lapsitting, kissing, lifts, measuring and height comparisons dominate this tape.

Shot on Hi8 tape and mastered on Super VHS for Perfect Video Quality.

Also Available in the European PAL Standard .

Laura and little Stevie Lee are also available for custom videos

Samples from "My Amazon Lover" - Featuring Laura & Stevie Lee

Laura easily lifts her tiny lover.

Tiny Stevie Lee looks up at her Towering Amazon Lover.

Sexy and Powerful.

Stevie Lee adjusts her Amazon Lover's 6" Sexy Spiked heels

Laura Rules!!!!!.

Towering Amazon Laura.

This Video sells for
$55.00 United States
$60.00 International

(For PAL add an additional US$20.00)

To order by mail, send the appropriate funds made out to:
J. Woodard
PO Box 370041
Las Vegas, NV 89137

 Purchase from 2Checkout for U. S. (Priority Mail) $55.00

 Purchase from 2Checkout for Canada and Overseas (NTSC) Standard $60.00

 Purchase from 2Checkout for Overseas (PAL) $80.00

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