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Empress Tianna's Clips for Sale In 6' 1" Amazon Supermodel Tianna's Video Clip Download Site

Tianna's - "Lifting Extravaganza" 18 year old, 6' 1", 245 pound Amazon SuperModel Tianna catches little 5' 2" 110 pound Brittany taking a shower in her house and really gets "pissed off" about it. She promptly orders her tiny trespasser to follow her downstairs and proceeds to compare heights, measure each other and then lift, carry, and verbablly humiliate Brittany beyond belief. 

Tianna's - "Sittie of Brotherly Love" 18 year old, 6' 1", 245 pound Amazon SuperModel Tianna is having a fight with her older (and much smaller) brother, Alec over who gets to watch their shows on TV. After her tiny 5' 7" brother tries to fight Tianna over the remote control, The young Amazon, Tianna, decided to REALLY get tough and show Alec just who rules the household.

Empress Tianna Presents - "Empress Defeats Brittany" Little 5' 2", 110 pound Brittany decides to take on 6' 1", 245 pound, 18 year-old Empress Tianna in a "no holds barred" wrestling match. 

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