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"Wrestling & Smothering Domination"

  • New Model, little 5 foot 107 pound Brandie May is caught by SuperAmazon 6' 3" 375 pound+ Amanda reading one of her wrestling magazines. Amanda demands it back and when Brandie does not, Amanda really takes it out on her "little ward".

  • This video is filled with Domination action as Amanda shows little Brandie just who is the most powerful.

  • As a bonus, at the end of the video, there is a 10 minute+ segment of clips of Amanda from her up coming video with Brandie, "Amanda's Amazon Terror"..

  • This video is packed with    * Body Comparisons    * Butt, and Body Smothering    * Lifting    * Face Sitting    * Wrestling    * Leg Sissors    * Tickling    * Spanking    * Suffocation & Verbal and Physical Humilation!!!

  • Shot on Digital MiniDV and mastered on Super VHS for Great Video Quality. TOTAL RUNNING TIME: 42+ MINUTES

  • This video is also available in the European PAL Standard.

  • AVAILABLE ON DVD (Only in NTSC Format so far. Not in European PAL yet) These are DVD-R Disks and MOST DVD Players and computers will play them, but if you are in-doubt
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