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"Amazon Amanda's Fetish Video Clips" Amazon Amanda's Fetish Video Clips4Sale Area

"Amazon Amanda, Girls Rule Boys Drool 6'3'' 380+ pound Super Amazon Amanda meets with tiny 5'2'' 115 pound little Roy for another dramatic session. This time little Sandi is not there, so roy has to recieve all of Amanda's wrath. This video has tons of Facesitting, Leg Squeezing, Lifting, Trampling, Spanking, Underskirt Smothering, Verbal Abuse, Human Furniture, Lingerie, Body Bouncing, Suffication, Breat Smothering, Tickling, Huge Butt, Fetish Heels, Horsy Ride, Ball Busting, and Height Comparisons.Little Roy even trys to lift Amanda up with no Success. This video has it ALL!   Also available in DVD. New 07-02-08

"Amazon Amanda Takes Control 4' 11'' Sandi is on 6' 3'', 380+ pound, Super Amazon Amanda's, Wrestling Mat reading Amanda's magazine. Amanda decides that she wants the magazine back, and snatches it out of tiny Sandi's hand. When Sandi puts up a fight, Amanda decides to ''Take Control'' and wrestle little Sandi into TOTAL submission.   Also available in DVD. New 07-22-07

"Amazon Amanda's Two little Slaves" Shot at AmazonFest 2006 in Las Vegas, little 4' 11", 88 pound Sandi thinks she can escape from SuperAmazon, 6' 3", 375 pound+ Amanda's hotel suite, but little Sandi in for a BIG suprise. Clad in sexy lingerie, Amazon Amanda proceeds to Lift, Carry, Face-sit, Spank, and generally Dominate her tiny "guest".
While Amanda is Dominating her little ward, Sandi's 5' 2" boyfriend, Roy, shows up and thinks her can defend his little girlfriend against The Giantess Amanda. Pushing Sandi aside, Amanda then shifts her wrath towards little Roy. He, as his girlfriend has already found out, is instantly dominated by Amanda who takes him on as he did with Sandi.
The 2nd section features Amanda against BOTH Roy and Sandi at the same time. Guess who wins? Maybe, The Giantess Amanda? You can make a bet on that!!! And the 3rd section, just Roy alone with Amanda.   Also available in DVD. New 11-01-06

"Amanda's Amazon Terror" Brandie May is back!!! In her second video with Amanda, little 5 foot 107 pound Brandie May starts making fun of SuperAmazon, 6' 3" 375 pound+ Amanda. Clad in her sexist string bikini, Brandie tries everything she can to subdue the lingerie clad Amanda. The fiesty Brandie even lifts and carries Amazon Amanda for a short time before the Giantess Amazon proceedes to put little Barndie in her place.   Also available in DVD. New 06-13-06

"Amazon's Wrestling & Smothering Domination" New Model, little 5 foot 107 pound Brandie May is caught by SuperAmazon 6' 3" 375 pound+ Amanda reading one of her wrestling magazines. Amanda demands it back and when Brandie does not, Amanda really takes it out on her "little ward". This video is filled with Domination action as Amanda shows little Brandie just who is the most powerful.      
Also available in DVD.
      As a bonus, at the end of the video, there is a 10 minute+ segment of clips of Amanda from her up coming video with Brandie, "Amanda's Amazon Terror".
New 04-15-06

"Amazon Amanda Takes on Tokyo (Part Deux)" In the 2nd part of Amanda's adventures in Tokyo,
6' 3", 380+ pound Super Amazon, Amanda takes on two more tiny Japanese male and female victims. Midway in the video she is joined by a massive 6 foot plus Japanese Dom who continues on devastating the tiny Japanese duo.   Also available in DVD.
      At the end of the video, there is also a BONUS 15 minute video of Amanda Sumo wrestling and easily defeating two different Japanese males at once.
New 02-14-06

"Amazon Amanda Takes on Tokyo (Totally)" 6' 3", 380+ pound Super Amazon, Amanda is back in Tokyo with two different tiny Japanese males and Japanese female as she proceeds to Dominate, Face-sit and Crush them under her GIGANTIC Lingerie covered Ass. These tiny Japanese have no chance being TOTALLY Dominated and Controlled by this Gigantic Super Amazon!!! After Destroying the first little male and female, Amanda traps her last little Japanese victim in the bathroom and proceeds to hose him down as she dominates him.
Also available in DVD.
      As a bonus, at the end of the video, there is a 5 minute preview of Amanda as she dominates a tiny Japanese man and woman in her soon to be released video feature, "Amanda Takes on Tokyo" (Part Deux).
New 01-04-06

"Amazon Amanda Takes on Tokyo (Part 1)" In the first part, 6' 3", 380+ pound Super Amazon, Amanda pays a surprise visit on a very tiny and weak Japanese man. She first chases him around his apartment then catches him as she proceeds to Face-sit and crush him under her GIGANTIC Pantyhose covered Ass. After literely destroying his face and body, she then decided to encapsulate him in just ONE LEG of her Massive Pantyhose as she continues to Dominate the hapless little man.
      The second part has Amanda meeting another tiny Japanese man who she also proceeds to lift like a baby, Face-sit, fall on with full body weight and also encapsulate him in another pair of her Pantyhose.
Also available in DVD.
      As a bonus, at the end of the video, there is a 5 minute preview of Amanda as she dominates a tiny Japanese man and woman in her soon to be released video feature, "Amanda Takes on Tokyo" (Totally).
New 11-27-05

"Amazon Amanda in sMother May I" Little 5' 1", 130 pound Jake decides to visit 6' 3", 380+ pound Amanda for a Super Smothering and Domination Session. Clad in only her Huge Silky Panties and Bra, Amanda shows the tiny Jake just how HUGE she really is compared to him
Also available in DVD. New 05-10-05

"Amazon Trample Party - with Heather, Amanda & Kitty" For the first time ever, 6' 3" 380+ pound Amanda, 6' 5 1/2" Heather and 6' 1" 265 pound Kitty are together in one video as they catch and TOTALLY TRAMPLE & ABUSE the tiny thief who has broken into their hotel room at AmazonFest2004
Also available in DVD. New 01-15-05

"Mikey Meets Double Trouble" Watch in the First Ever Video starring Blythe and AmazonAmanda as we have our way with poor little Mikey. Watch as we take turns lifting and carrying him, smothering him, facesitting, and doing incredible DOUBLE Body Slams with our Combined weight of 730 lbs onto his little body.
Also available in DVD.
The DVD has a bonus Photo Slide show of Blythe, Amanda and their tiny slave included. New 12-05-04

"Amanda's No Butts About it" In this video Amazon Amanda at 6'3 and 380 takes on, AND DEFEATS, her largest opponent to date and she literely destroys the 6' 1" 240 pound "Guyster". New 07-24-04

"Smothered By AmazonAmanda" Watch as AmazonAmanda at 6'3 and 380 lbs doesn't take to kindly to one of her subjects showing up late for a session.

"Amazon Amanda's Extreme Pressure Cooker" Amanda's roommate, 5' 5" 140 pound Nikki is having problems with her 5' 7" 160 pound boyfriend, Jack and tries to teach him a lesson. Finding out the she is much too small, she has her roommate, Amanda take over as they both teach him what Pressure is really about.
Also available in DVD. New 03-26-04

"Amazon Amanda - A Giantess on a Rampage" Dressed in a Sexy torn mini skirt, Amazon Amanda becomes a 500 foot Giantess as she Completely Destroys a tiny city that lays in her path. New 03-03-04

"Trapped Beneath an Amazon" Little 5' 5" 140 pound Nikki thinks she can out wrestle and subdue 6' 3" 380+ pound Super Amazon Amanda.... Well we shall see!! So in their Panties & Bras, they get involved in a "No Holds Barred" wrestling and smothering match. New 02-11-04

Bunny & Amanda's "Total Eclipse of the Face" What happens when you put 6' 3", 220 pound Bunny and 6' 3", 380 Pound Amanda (OVER 580 Pounds of Amazon Women) on one tiny 5' 5" 130 pound man at the same time? Well a "Total Eclipse of the Face" of course. New 12-24-03

"Amanda's Pantyhose Bondage Boy" Have you ever wondered what it would be like to be held bondage in ONLY one leg of 6' 3" 380 pound Amanda's HUGE Pantyhose. Well in this video little 5' 5", 105 pound Carrot finds this out plus MUCH, MUCH MORE!!!!!New 12-10-03

"Giantess Amanda Drops By" It looks like little 5' 6" 140 pound Crystal has been "talking smack" about 6' 3" 380+ pound Amanda. But in this video we fear the little loud mouthed girl may have just bitten off more than she can chew.New 09-20-03

"Amanda & Kitty's AmazonFest Smother Encounter" Ever wondered what would happen when 380+ pound 6' 3" Amanda and 265+ pound 6' 1" Kitty meet 5' 7" 160 pound Jack and use their combined weight of 665+ pounds on the tiny fellow. Well ask no further because at the AmazonFest 2003 Amanda and Kitty did meet Jack for an intense session and they proceed to show Jack just how heavy their weight can be on his frail body. New 08-25-03

"Mistress Amanda Melts The IceMan" "The IceMan" challenges 6' 3" 380 pound Amanda to a wrestling match. Amanda easily subdues him and then proceedes to trample his defeated body. New 05-13-03

"Amanda's Sensual Session" Have you ever wondered what it would be like to be in a session with 6' 3" 380 pound Amanda? New 05-08-03